Hello I'm Bug!!

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About me!!

bug / ángel
he/him • bi
♥ 10/16/20 ♥
love you dante <3
im mixed Puerto Rican and Native American!
I'm nd with some other funky brain things!!
I'm pretty quiet and if I don't know you well I tend to answer my dms pretty slowly sorry!! I always try to be as friendly as I can tho,, I use a lot of text symbols and emojis when I type as well!!
I'm most active on discord and toyhouse!! So if you need me please hmu on any of those media!


• Basic DNI criteria!(homophobia/transphobia/
• you're blocked on any of my socials
• if you're on my blacklist / i'm on your blacklist
• I'm not interested in!! any drama! please keep me out of it // if you've got problems with me i'd prefer to talk it out with you


mcyt, minecraft, criminal minds, hilda, beastars, wakfu, dead by daylight, animal crossing, portal, splatoon, hat in time, lore olympus, the flash, genshin impact, stardew valley, more!!

yes I am a stupid kinnie!

my id kins!

dwight fairfield • persephone

clicking on each icon brings you to their toyhouse!

also I'm completely fine with doubles!!